Our team consists of many different people who have united under one banner.

Our mission is to build a memorable brand.
Built for the people with the people.

At Metarift Studios, our mission is to create immersive and engaging entertainment experiences that leverage the power of Web3 technologies. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional media and exploring new possibilities in the rapidly-evolving landscape of decentralized, blockchain-based entertainment.

Our team is committed to producing content that is both entertaining and thought-provoking, designed to captivate audiences and inspire meaningful engagement. We believe that the future of entertainment lies in the convergence of technology and storytelling, and we are passionate about driving innovation in this space.

Whether we are creating interactive comics, cinematic experiences, or immersive animation, we are constantly exploring new ways to leverage the unique capabilities of Web3 to deliver next-generation entertainment to our audiences. At Metarift Studios, we are driven by a shared vision of creating a more dynamic, decentralized, and democratized entertainment industry, and we are committed to realizing that vision through our very first comic story; Captain Inu – Defender Of The Metaverse.