We are driven by three core values: community, excellence, and long-term vision. The Inuforce community We believe that community is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to empowering our Inuforce community in all aspects of our work. Raise the meme space bar Our goal is to deliver outstanding Web 3 entertainment experiences to the world, and we are dedicated to raising the bar by building an Inu universe that will last forever.Long-term vision We believe that there are no shortcuts to greatness, and we are committed to building a strong foundation that will ensure the long-term success of our Captain Inu universe.


Step into the world of Captain Inu, where adventure and heroism collide in an epic saga that will captivate your imagination! At Metarift Studios, we’re dedicated to crafting a brand that will stand the test of time, built on the incredible tales of our beloved Captain Inu and other upcoming heroes.

Writing the story
It all starts with a great story. We’ve poured countless hours into crafting the saga of our world, laying the groundwork for a universe that will inspire future generations. And we’re just getting started! With the passion and creativity of our incredible team, we’re poised to write the future of Captain Inu and take this franchise to become the Marvel of crypto!

Entire universe
Our team has poured their hearts and souls into creating the first issue of the Captain Inu comic series, taking inspiration from the very best in the entertainment industry. But we’re not stopping there! Our vision extends far beyond the pages of a comic book, as we strive to bring this entire universe to life in countless creative ways.

Bringing the franchise to life
From breathtaking illustrations to heart-pumping cinematic music, we’re committed to crafting a multi-dimensional world that will capture your senses and leave you breathless. And that’s just the beginning! Our grand plans include gaming, trailers, anime series, movies, and anything else that will help us achieve our ultimate goal: to make the Captain Inu universe a household name.

Our journey won’t be easy, but we’re in it for the long haul. We’re committed to making every step of this adventure as extraordinary as possible, bringing you along for the ride as we create a web 3 world of wonder and excitement. 


Prepare to enter a world where the lines between the digital and physical worlds blur as Metarift Studios takes the Captain Inu universe from the digital realm into the physical world!

Comic print
We’re thrilled to announce that our NFT holders will receive a physical print of our first comic issue, ensuring the adventure is never far from your fingertips. But that’s just the beginning of our journey to bring Captain Inu to life beyond the screen.

Unveiling a premium line of merchandise, featuring everything from stylish hoodies to sleek shirts adorned with the Captain Inu brand. And that’s not all – we’ll be creating collectibles, art, accessories, and other goods that will allow you to immerse yourself fully in the world of Captain Inu like a Marvel franchise. But we won’t just stop at physical products!

We’re also planning special events that will allow you to experience the world of Captain Inu firsthand. From pop-up shops to art exhibits, we’re dedicated to taking the universe of Captain Inu on a physical journey that will immerse you into the universe.

Building together
We’re not just building a brand – we’re crafting an experience that will last for generations on the blockchain. To create this experience, we believe that working together can achieve greatness and create something truly special. So come aboard the Inuforce, and let’s write the next chapter of web3 entertainment together!


Are you ready to own your Inuforce pass and join the exclusive ranks of the Inuforce? Let’s write the superhero franchise of web3 together!

Own your Universe
As an original token and NFT holder, you can become an eligible Inuforce pass holder; you’ll be granted the coveted title of “Crew Member,” giving you the power to vote on important decisions that will shape the future of our extensive universe.

Creator’s Crew
But being a Crew Member is more than just a title. It’s an invitation to join our Creator’s Crew and actively participate in our mission to explore and expand the universe. We’ll be hosting exciting events and empowering community creators to contribute to the foundation and growth of our universe.

Enjoy the Journey
With your Captain Inu pass, you’ll unlock a universe of possibilities and take control of your destiny. Join us on this journey and be a part of something truly remarkable. The Inuforce awaits you!