Other Ways To
Purchase $CPTINU

You can find $CPTINU through Uniswap and Hotbit. CEX listings coming soon.


We are a project born from the community, free from venture capitalists. There are no VCs in the shadows to dump tokens. The taxes we collect are  entirely committed to building our game, comic, and anime – an ecosystem crafted for and by the community.

Fair Launch
We believe in fair launching when it comes to Token launches. This means NO Presales, No team tokens and providing adequate notice for buyers ahead of launch to purchase $CPTINU.

No Dev Wallet
We believe the core team’s primary focus should be working for our holders to deliver. 5% development tax helps keep the team delivering.

All about long term
There is no shortcut to greatness. We believe in building the right foundation to allow the everlasting success of our universe.

Token Supply
Taxes: 10% Buy & Sell
1% Liquidity
5% Development
4% Marketing

ERC20 Contract: 0x7cca2e1c9b0519f52029467914a15e782bf66971

*When purchasing please set your slippage to 12%-15%. Please note, the tax occurs within the smart contract transfer function. This function is evoked by decentralized exchanges on buys and sells, as well as wallets when doing wallet to wallet transfers. We do not have ability to distinguish between the origins of the function call so the transfer tax will apply to all. Please purchase $cptinu in the wallet you intend to store it in to avoid a tax on inter-wallet transfers.